ProRock Climbing is realisation of a passion for climbing and adventure, that was born in Poland    in 1997.

The founder- Jacek Kudlaty, was a professional rock climber in 2001 - 2010.

During this time hi was  proudly sponsored by Alpinus, Red Bull, Bosch, Mammut and Evolv.
You can still enjoy the fruits of this co-operation by climbing on his roads in various exotic corners of our globe.

Some of his most interesting  route:

  • „Padre Maro” 8a+ Ton Sai , Thailand
  • „Mus Haszi” 7c+ , Todra, Maroco
  • „Psycho Kielar” 7c , Badami, India
  • „No money no climb” 8a ,Pak Ou, Laos
  • „Ale, Baba” 8a+ Paroguet Valley, Madagaskar
  • „Mama Africa” 8b, Outshorn, South Africa.
  • „Full Moon” 8b , Yangshuo ,China
  • „Boruta” 7b+ ,  , Australia

Till today His "ways to experience life" are exotic climbing expeditions, exploration of new climbing areas and setting new roads, climbing ON-sight, traveling, snowboarding, photography, good food and everything that we call "absorption of life ... to the core" .


JK on his new route Full Moon 8b+, Moon Hill, Yangshuo, China.

ProRock started as one of the first in Poland to design and produce professional climbing holds and accessories for training in Trzcinsko near Jelenia Gora, at the base of  the granite rocks of Gory Sokole.

From the beginning, ProRock was distancing itself from the big city lifestyle, choosing instead to base itself as close to nature as possible and near the rocks that We could climb on ….


             JK on his new route Ale, Baba 8a+, Paroquet Valley, Madagascar.

        “ What comes from our passion, experience and work, are our high quality products; they are made for people like us; climbers.
Our motto CLIMBERS FOR CLIMBERS, was the essence  that materialised as a collection of clothes for Climbers.

        In 2005, the natural outcome resulting from our key values, from personal experience and advice from professional climbers from Our Climbing Team, a natural talent for designing clothes :-))) and the growing popularity of climbing, was to make our first collection of climbing clothes under Our brand.

        Our clothes are made and designed exclusively in Europe and meet very high quality restrictions.
We are deeply convinced that by spending most of Our life with Mother Earth, we also have a greater understanding of Your outdoor needs”.


After 25 years of exploration of familiar rock in Sokoliki Mouintain and many other crags around the world in the search of love and adventure,  ProRock has landed on the Greek island of Kalymnos.

Amazing climbing potential and the magic of the island made Jacek fall in love with the place many years ago,  but spring 2015 was the perfect time to start a New Life in a New Dimension. Jacek started a new chapter of his life far away from schedules and attachments...


This time it is at the base of the Grande Grotta, in the Massouri village that a new plan of action is evolving that is the launch for the next episode of the ProRocks adventure

under the title:


to be continued...

As You can see, everything is around climbing all the time, and let Our motto


be an invitation to see what We can offer You :-)

Yours ProRock Team

Ewa i Łukasz