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Such a place has emerged on the Internet, "" (somewhat inspired by the "ZnanyLekarz" service), which makes it easier to find the perfect climbing course. Here, you will find the best climbing and skitouring instructors. You can read about each of them and easily sign up for the chosen training. is like a bridge connecting students directly with instructors. There's no need to wander from climbing school to school anymore because all the necessary information is gathered in one place: you quickly filter, choose, and click! A cool and useful database. We recommend it!


Massimo Cappuccio

Massimo Cappuccio - a professional photographer, and a great companion. In the beginning, we knew Massimo on FB while we were looking for a pro photographer for our photo s in Sicily.  We met in November 2021 in San Vito. Massimo organized and performed a photo session for us plus he gave us fantastic tours to the places we did not hear of before, among them, the bouldering paradise in Bosco Scorace. We clicked with Massimo immediately and since then we have been staying in touch and supporting each other. If you are looking for a unique photographer, click

Szkoła Wspinania GOUP

We encountered Grzesiek "Gelo" and Kasia in our cherished climbing paradise Kalymnos a year before the pandemic hit. They are one of the most amiable, easy-going, and energetic people we know. Grzesiek is a Polish Mountaineering Association instructor (PZA - Polski Związek Alpinizm).  He runs a successful GoUp climbing school that provides climbing and mountaineering courses in Poland and Kalymnos. For more information click here:

Bosco di Scorace

We went to Bosco di Scorace thanks to Massimo Cappuccio in Nov 2021. We fell in love with the place immediately and this is also where we tried bouldering for the first time. Bosco Scorace is not only a set of boulders to climb, though. Importantly, the community around it creates this unique atmosphere and gives positive vibes to the place. Davide and Gorgia are the main characters in Bosco Scorace's scene. They are maintaining and promoting the region. See more here: Scorace_boulder.

Polvere di Stelle

When going to Bosco di Scorace you will meet Davide and Gorgia there, a couple of climbers who discovered the potential of Bosco over a decade ago and now they are into developing the region. Davide and Georgia also own B&B Polvere di Stelle where you will find comfortable accommodation and tasty breakfasts. They will also provide you with transport to Bosco, and with crashpads to rent. Hot tub under the stars and evening barbecue are also included  ! Check the offer here: 

We spent a lovely week in Spain, Costa Blanca in January 2022 with HIGH format School of Climbing. That was our first encounter both in terms of climbing and getting to know each other. From the trip, we brought back loads of fantastic photos taken by Krzysztof, but what will stay in our memory is in the first place is the unforgettable atmosphere of being together and great climbing excursions with Krzysiek and the team!  Costa Blanca ? Paklenica ? Or Polish Jura ? Try